Overcoming the ServiceNow skills drought

ServiceNow skills drought landscape | Scarce IT Services

As a client or partner of ServiceNow, you will no doubt have encountered difficulties finding the right ServiceNow skills to meet your project or support needs. As ServiceNow continues to dominate the ITSM marketplace we find ourselves facing a skills shortage brought about by an unprecedented spike in demand for skilled resources needed to fulfil new implementations.

As a founder and Director of a Scarce IT Services a ServiceNow services partner, I have focused my efforts on finding solutions to this challenge for both clients and partners.  I have found two articles, both from highly respected sources, that paint different perspectives on overcoming the challenges.

The first article The ServiceNow Skills Shortage… What is the Answer? by Sarah Weeks (founder of Momentum Consultancy Group) highlights the challenges in recruiting senior ServiceNow professionals for UK organisations. The article addresses the difficulties organisations face in attracting and retaining skilled resources and recognises a trend in aspirations for home or remote working and flexibility. Sarah proposes some credible alternatives, particularly the talent pools that lie off shore. By leveraging the accessibility of the ServiceNow cloud based platform, organisations can expand their search to embrace the global talent pool.

ServiceNow skills drought trees | Scarce IT Services


The second article Filling the ServiceNow Skills Gap written by Lewis Martin (Head of Service Design Practice for Mozaic Services) similarly recognises the scarcity of experienced ServiceNow resources.

Lewis links the trend towards flexible and home working to the shortage in supply, as senior ServiceNow resources become more aware of their worth in the marketplace, however he presents an alternate approach which involves training new and cross-skilling existing technical resources onto the platform, combined with educating organisations to recognise the part that lesser experienced resources can play in achieving their desired outcomes.

Drawing on the two articles and from my own experience in developing resource on demand, managed delivery and 24×7 support services for clients and partners of ServiceNow, I believe these are the three things you as a client or partner must consider when developing your ServiceNow resourcing strategy.


  • Think Global – consider using experienced ServiceNow professionals based outside of the UK; if utilised correctly they present a credible alternative for your resourcing needs.


  • Challenge stereotypes – a ServiceNow instance can be accessed from anywhere in the world, so challenge whether an on-site presence is necessary for every requirement.


  • Consider managed services – combine off-shore delivery with on-shore management to deliver a fully cost optimised, high quality project or support service.


The rapid adoption of ServiceNow far exceeds the market’s capacity to train new consultants and whilst the market continues to demand only the most experienced, training and cross-skilling alone whilst a noble aspiration is not a sustainable strategy.  Training can often be the enabler to a career change, meaning the next partner or customer becomes the beneficiary of your investment.  In a supply led market, retention is a major factor.

Scarce IT Services complements all existing options, offering a variety of resourcing solutions for partners and customers alike that leverage the global talent pool through a robust governance framework, delivering on-shore quality for an off-shore price.    If you are struggling to resource your next project or support team, please don’t hesitate to contact me to see how we can help you overcome the ServiceNow skills shortage.


My name is Mike Heywood and I am founder and director of Scarce IT Services, a ServiceNow services partner providing remote based services and resourcing solutions for partners and clients of ServiceNow. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @SCARCe_ITSM or LinkedIn