My company just implemented ServiceNow

Scarce ServiceNow Support

“My company just implemented ServiceNow.   It’s Cloud so I don’t need support, right?”


Well OK, maybe not technically wrong. The ServiceNow platform is service managed. Capacity is constantly monitored. 100% availability is all but guaranteed. Application lifecycle is managed for you, so provided you don’t stray too far from “out of the box” then your upgrade path is largely predestined.

But support stems further than that. Regardless of how little you change, you will incur incidents. And depending on how critical ServiceNow is to your business, you will want those incidents resolving within an appropriately aggressive timeframe.

ServiceNow does not commit to resolution times for incidents. They simply commit to acknowledging your incident within a timeframe (“response times”). It is not uncommon for software publishers to do this, but it is important to recognise the shortfall and to ask yourself not whether you can manage without the platform, but for how long.

Similarly, you will find after go-live you have a need for common, repetitive administrative tasks to be completed to enable new and existing users to utilise the platform. Hiring a ServiceNow sysadmin skilled support engineer is possible. So is training one of your existing support people. With ServiceNow skills in such high demand, you may be doing this more regularly than you planned.

Is it sensible to risk your core ITSM platform to outages or degradations such as integration schedule failures, or poor agility by having to wait weeks or months for simple administration tasks? You could be forgiven for smiling at the twisted irony of choosing to not service manage your service management platform.

The solution is to outsource the problem to a specialist ServiceNow support services partner. But this can prove expensive. Major organisations can absorb the cost. Many others can be forgiven for wondering what you are getting for the money.

Scarce is different. We are a ServiceNow services partner that recognises that no two organisations are the same. We have modularised Ensure our ServiceNow support service, enabling you to cherry pick the elements that you need, meaning you don’t pay for those that you don’t. We can handle as much or as little as you require, from incidents to catalogued requests, from 24×7 cover to HI monitoring.

And with support packages starting for under £2,000 per month we are confident that you will find we are cheaper than recruitment or redirecting existing support resource. And with a fully manned service desk at your fingertips, our service doesn’t call in sick, take annual leave or stop at 5pm on a Friday night. Unless of course, you want it to.

Start your journey to an affordable support model for ServiceNow. Contact Scarce today for more information on Ensure, our modularised support service.