Why choose us

There are many consultancies offering ServiceNow resources services so what do we feel are our differentiators?

1. We make off-shoring work for our clients and partners, even for those who have tried and failed to transition before.

How? By applying a governance framework across the delivery lifecycle, from supplier vetting, control over engaged resources and on-boarding through to hyper-care, change forums and service reviews. We drive the relationship with our suppliers and retain control. Whichever service you choose, our governance sets the standard.

So, in a market that so often sees control lost from the moment your pen leaves the service agreement, we ensure our customers retain control of the steering wheel throughout the term. That is our USP.

On Shore Performance * Off Shore Pricing

2. We are ServiceNow specialists. In fact, ServiceNow is “all we do”. We are UK services partners with ServiceNow, enabling us to provide compatible services to UK organisations.

3. We leverage delivery resource from around the entire globe. As such, we are not subject to localised demand shortages or rate hikes. Our service quality and price does not fluctuate as a result, so as our customer you receive a consistently high service quality and guaranteed availability.

4. Price. By focusing on the ServiceNow platform and by leveraging remote service delivery from across the world, we optimise our service supply chain, which means that we can deliver our services to UK clients extremely competitively.

5. Ecological Credentials. IT service providers have been much slower to adopt “cloud” attitudes to human resources. As we leverage the obvious benefits of a global economy, rarely do we pause to recognise that landing and facilitating foreign workers is expensive and not just financially.

As our ethical credentials come under increased scrutiny, sustainable resourcing policies and carbon offsetting are no longer nice to haves but are fundamental to the decisions our customers and partners make when choosing our products.