My company just implemented ServiceNow

Scarce ServiceNow Support

“My company just implemented ServiceNow.   It’s Cloud so I don’t need support, right?” Wrong. Well OK, maybe not technically wrong. The ServiceNow platform is service managed. Capacity is constantly monitored. 100% availability is all but guaranteed. Application lifecycle is managed for you, so provided you don’t stray too far from “out of the box” then your upgrade path is largely predestined. But support stems…

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How to travel light with ServiceNow

ServiceNow customisation baggage | Scarce IT Services

Customisation. The ability to tailor anything to our specific needs. It feels instinctively positive. To fellow ITSM implementation consultants who have witnessed its crippling effects however, customisation is a dirty word. How does customisation differ from configuration and what is the business impact of each? Is customisation ever justified? And what are our options if our organisation’s instance is already heavily customised? Like many,…

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